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This booklet was written 12 years ago, but the facts are today still just as true as when it was first written.  The course of world events since then has served to confirm them, and is a further proof of how near Communism is to its ultimate aim, namely World Domination. 


In this reprint all the personal names like that of Stalin, etc., have been left unchanged, because the names come and go but the facts remain unaltered.


The whole world today is talking about Communism.  I doubt whether we will find one person in the civilized world who has not yet heard this word.  But the question is, how many of us really know what it is; how many will be able to give you an intelligent answer to the question: “What is Communism?”


The aim of this article is to assist you in answering this question.  It lays no claim to any deep study of the subject, but will only present you with sufficient facts to prove to you that we have to do with the powers of hell in human form.


This enemy is no longer far away, but already in our midst and so cleverly organised and strategically placed that it puts us into such a desperate situation, that only the mercy of God can save us out of it.  It is a matter this, which towers far above any political aspect, and about which a political party, no matter what its nature might be, can do very little. 

Communism is under the direct control of the very devil himself, and we will only be able to fight it by going on our knees, the whole nation and masse, and to ask in all humility for God in mercy to intervene.  The whole matter is too far gone for man to think that he can save the situation.  Let us give heed to what the Lord has to say in:

Joel 2:15-17;  - - - - - -

15        Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:

16        Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that the suck the breast: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

17        Let the priest, the ministers of the LORD, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, o LORD, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?

- - - - - - - it applies to us in these critical days.


All Communism, no matter of what shade it might be, whether Stalinist or of the “new Tito type”, rejects any religion or faith absolutely.  Carl Marx, the father of modern Communism, rejected completely any conception of God as held by either Christian or Jew.  Communism is therefore the direct antithesis of the Christian faith, and it is therefore the openly declared purpose of Communism to wipe the Christian Faith from off the face of the earth!  That is exactly what will happen when they gain the mastery - it is happening already in all the countries that have fallen prey to Russia.


Other differences are the following:

(a)  The Christian believes that man was created by God  -

The Communist believes that man is a by-product of the evolutionary process of matter in motion;

(b)  The Christian believes that man has sinned against God and has thus become estranged from God, and that he can only be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ -

The Communist does not believe in the fall of man, but that man is his own saviour;

(c)  The Christian believes that the world in its present sinful state is incomplete, and that it will be changed

into a new world wherein dwelleth righteousness: - - - - - -

2 Peter 3:13;

Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Matthew 5:6;

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

- - - -

The Communist does not believe in a hereafter, to him death is the end of everything;

(d)   The Christian believes that according to the Lord's Prayer, the Kingdom of God will eventually be established here on earth and that all things shall become new:

The Communist believes that a bloody revolution and a Communistic dictatorship will create the perfect “Social State”. 


Modern Communism, which is based upon the ideology of Lenin (1870-1924) has selected for the propagation of its teachings the basest traits in human nature, namely hate and fear.  Hate and the incitement of disharmony is its basic principles and aims, not an honest searching after truth and peace.  All who have carefully studied the development and activities of Communism, and have read their most important books, will have to admit that their main theme, from Marx to Stalin, is HATE: hate of the poor toward the rich; the struggle between the non-owner and the owner, between employee and employer.  The ultimate goal of this ideological warfare is a world state in which nobody will own anything.  There is but a choice between two things for all those who do not belong to the Party - to do as the State dictates, or to die.

As has been stated already, one of the main obstacles in the way of a Red victory, is Religion.  It is recorded in the notorious “Communist Manifesto” that Religion, together with morality and patriotism are inferior capitalistic weaknesses.  That is why all these things were suppressed within the very first decade of the revolution.  In the other countries under Russian control it was not so easy to succeed in this.  The Red leaders are clever enough to know that most people in the innermost depths of their being believe in God and his righteousness. 

Thus, to win the goodwill of the Christians, they spread abroad the lie that there is practically no difference between the Christian Faith and Communism.  It is being done in such a diabolically clever way, that more than one great man has already fallen prey to these false ideas - think for instance of such a man as “The Red Dean of Canterbury” who even uses his pulpit to put in a good word for Com-munism.  But we have already pointed out that these two are poles apart: - Christianity is founded upon truth,

Communism upon lies,

Christian faith is a doctrine of love,

Communism a propagation of hate.

Plans and intentions for world domination have been in existence since the founding of the Communist Party.  The History of the Communist Party (regarded as the Red Bible) for example, to name but one publication, states that the ultimate objective of the Party is the overthrow of Capitalism and the establishment of socialism.  It declares furthermore that the Bolshevists are not pacifists and sentimentalists who yearn for peace and who only concentrate on peace propaganda.  No on the contrary, it says, the Bolshevists will put their all into an active revolutionary struggle for peace until finally the power of Capitalism has been completely destroyed.


The Communists have never yet denied that their ultimate objective is a world revolution.  On the contrary, quite openly and unashamedly at mass meetings, in radio broadcasts and in the daily press, they say that the final clash must come sooner or later.  Their aim is not only to destroy faith in God, but faith in everything and anything.  Without faith man is deprived of the mainspring of life, and he is like a helpless piece of cork adrift on the ocean of life.  They know this, and therefore man must be robbed of his faith, in order that he, deprived of his personality, may like a robot obey the master’s instructions.


The morality of the genuine Communist may be briefly summarized thus: Where the Communist is, there is the morale.  In other words, if he is a thief or a murderer in order to assist the Party, his deed is considered perfectly normal or even courageous.  Lenin said: “Destroy - murder if it will promote the revolution”.  Lies are repeated over and over again until they are believed.  Hatred toward the so-called capitalistic countries are fanned on in order to prepare the people for the “Last Battle”. 

The chief aim of the educational system in the Soviet Union is to build a new Communist generation, because even Communism cannot always make use solely of fear. 


This new generation will commit any type of crime, without even realising that it has done wrong - they will be prepared to carry out orders at all times like robots, but with human brains, equipped with technical skill and with the devil himself in their hearts.  All capacity for independent thinking is erased, and any criticism strictly forbidden.  Tests made on young escapees from Russia have indicated that the Russian youth have not got the ability to handle facts and information independently.


One of their most popular slogans is: we will build a New World with the help of our youth.  All those who still remember the “old days” must consequently be destroyed or made to forget.  This happens in the torture chambers in the most gruesome way.  If you survive that process you are no longer the same person.  Then, after the past has been erased, the vision of the “new paradise” is being engraved upon the mind in indelible letters.


Special attention is given to atheism.  Not only must the teachers lay special emphasis on anti-religious subjects, but also they even receive special training in it.  The purpose is to teach the children that there is no God.


Another very important task that the Party has made one of its aims is to break the influence of the family circle.  The family is also considered to be one of the institutions of the Old World order and must therefore be destroyed together with all the other institutions, customs and conceptions.  Divorce was made so easy to obtain that large numbers of children without any home or guardian often present a serious problem.  Love between parents and their children are discouraged, because (they say) each faithful subject must be free of such sentimental ties. 


Do not think that because Russia is far removed from us, that this danger is also far away from us.  The native populations in our country are being systematically prepared as the vanguard of the Red Army when Russia will spark off the conflict in its bid for world domination.  The situation is serious, the scope is worldwide.  That, which is happening in Kenya now, is but the beginning of far greater things in Africa and especially South Africa.


We need spiritual weapons, because Communism is more than a dogma; it is a faith, a religion. 


Read Ephesians 6:11-12;

11        Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12        For we wrestle not against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The dedicated Communist is prepared to lay down his life for Stalin - are you, Christian, willing to do the same for Jesus Christ?  You will have to see that you attain unto it otherwise the sword that is already hanging above your head, even though you may not realise it, will shortly be thrust into your own heart.  Will you not now make a start by going down upon your knees and plead with God for mercy and to continue until deliverance comes?  My aim is to make our country and our people realise that our only salvation lies in our earnest cry to God according to Joel 2:15-17. 

Many people ask the question why the people in Russia and the satellite countries do not rise up in rebellion if things are as bad as they are represented here.  Are you aware of the power of the State with its modern weapons and communication systems?

What can the ordinary man do with his bare hands against the tank, the machine gun, the fighter plane, etc.? The secret police are spread throughout the country and each person is under constant supervision without him being always aware of it.  The least sign of revolt or protest is immediately followed with arrest and the concentration camp and eventually Siberia. 

There is hardly a family in Russia of which at least one member has not been sent to prison or a concentration camp.  Millions have already been sentenced to death or murdered.  A very convincing proof of the mass murders was given indirectly by Stalin himself when Lady Astor asked him once during an interview, quite unexpectedly and direct.  “For how long will you continue to kill people?”  Without blinking an eyelid, Stalin replied:

“For just as long as it will be necessary! “

To the Communists there are only two classes of people:

Namely “us” and the “others”. 

The “others” again are classified into two groups:

(a) Direct enemies

(b) Subordinate enemies. 

The 15th Party-Congress openly declared that well to do people must be liquidated and the ordinary citizens proletariarised.  The secret police or “Cheka” is under the direct command of Stalin himself and instils fear into every citizen throughout the country.  Their motto is that it is much better to kill hundreds of innocent people than to let one suspect person go free.

The "Chekists" use indescribably cruel methods to force their victims to confess offences that they had never even committed.  The cross-examination usually takes place at night, after a sudden and unexpected arrest.  If the prisoner does not plead guilty straightaway, he is put into long solitary confinement without any interrogation or explanation.  Then, after a long period of uncertainty, the prisoner is taken to a very dark and cold room or to a very warm and very brightly lit room where the "Chekists" try to terrorise him by torturing or shooting others in his presence.  Then commences the most terrible tormenting, scientifically designed to have the most painful effects. 

Very few of those sentenced to concentration camps ever escape.  Most of these camps are located beyond the Ural Mountains and in Siberia.  A few people have returned in a miraculous way and it is to them in a large measure that we owe this information.  I believe that it has been so ordained of God to warn us and to awaken us.  The women in these camps do the same work as the men  - so much for this wonderful Soviet State of absolute equality - women of 25 look like women of 65 years old, with grey hair, shrunken and shaky.

Everywhere behind the iron curtain, there is this feeling of uncertainty.  There is always the fear of a possible arrest, if not tonight, then perhaps tomorrow night that loud knock on the door ------.  Families are separated, father and mother to different camps and the children to places where they will be moulded according to the Communist ideology into the desired pattern. 

There is no freedom for the nations under Soviet domination.  The choice is simply - comply or die.  On the occasion of Stalin's 70th birthday Molotof declared openly in a newspaper article that the complete annihilation of all groups in opposition to Communism is more than important for the future of the world. 

The United Nations Organization brought this gruesome type of crime to light and gave to it the name “genocide” that is the systematic and total annihilation of complete social and racial groups.  There is irrefutable evidence that tens of thousands of people have already been wiped out in this way in the Ukraine, Germany, Poland, the Baltic States and other occupied countries.

This awaits us in the near future if God does not help us! You may be sure that the vast majority of the white population of South Africa, with its reasonable measure of prosperity, inborn sense of independence and deeply rooted religious background, is such an undesirable group to the communists.  We have therefore already been written up for liquidation when Russia gains control of the world in this war which is coming as certainly as you are now reading these words.

What are you going to do about it? 

How are you going to stop it?

Fall down upon your knees, throw your arms around the Cross-of Calvary, confess your sins and plead with God for mercy and forgiveness.  In this alone lies your salvation!  Do that which the Lord expects of you: put God and his cause number one in your life, be prepared to lay all on the alter for God.  Read you’re Bible and see that you know him, and be prepared at all times to give an account of the hope that is within you.  (See 1 Peter 3:15). 

The Communist is doing this for his faith, unless you are prepared to do it for yours, our downfall is assured.  Awake Christianity, your hour of trial has struck.

August 1965.

It is now twelve years later.  The course of world events is sufficient proof of the truth of the warnings that had been given in this article.  The revelations, which issued forth from the “Rivonia case” in 1964, have also confirmed the statements made concerning our own country.  And yet it is not the end: since “Rivonia” other plots have been discovered.

It was also very clearly pointed out at the "National Congress" on Communism, held in Pretoria in April, 1964, how vitally essential it is for Communism in its aim for world domination, that South Africa as a Western Christian Nation should be put out of action.    The vicious opposition against us from the Afro-Asian and East European nations is not so much as a result of our colour policy that is just a blind.  No, it is all inspired by Communism to destroy South Africa and put her out of action as far as the West is concerned.

The march continues.  Watch East Asia, the conflict there, that in Africa, the racial disturbances in America are all part of a global strategic plan of encirclement.  And because the Western Christian Civilization has become morally decadent, and has forsaken its first Christian Principles, we are compelled to retreat before the oncoming "Red Wave" in every sphere.

In 1917 Lenin had 40,000 followers, scattered all over Russia and the rest of the world.  Today the Communists number over one Billion, almost one third of the world population.  Should they maintain their present virile rate of growth, then the world will be completely Communistic by the year 2,000!  That is, within 35 years!  The Communists put it much closer than that. 

Their target is 1973-75, therefore another 8 to 10 years from now!  Unless there is a change of heart and thinking in our Christian West, they will realise this aim! 

My plea of 1953 still remains our only salvation. 

Back to God, through Jesus Christ! 

We will have to experience a “change”, a Rebirth at the Cross-of Calvary. 

The answer to and the solution for this very great danger therefore lies within your own heart.  In the days of the Bible, when a backslidden Israel humbled herself before Almighty God, and returned unto him, He removed the enemy from her soil.  That is still our only solution for today!

The End!

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