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Something about the Author

F.W.C. Neser was trained as a Scientist but is a dedicated Christian since his youth.  To him the Bible is the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.

Very early in his life he came to realise that man himself is the cause of all wars, depressions, famine, droughts, disease, and misery here on earth.

He saw that God had given his absolute Law to Israel, his chosen people and had promised that should they live thereby they would be free of all adversity and would then act as God’s exemplary nation on earth.

A matter of importance, which became clear to Neser, was that Israel was neither the Jew nor the Church.  It was with gratitude that he eventually discovered the great truth, namely that Israel was in fact the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples.

With the imminent Second Coming of Christ, Israel will come to a true regeneration, will be filled with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus the Messiah as their King, they will lead the world back to a state of perfect harmony with God.




lets oor die Skrywer

F.W.C. Neser is as wetenskaplike opgelei maar is ‘n toegewyde Christen vanaf sy kinderjare.  Vir hom is die Bybel die Woord van God vanaf Génesis tot Openbaring.

Reeds vroeg in sy lewe was hy daarvan oortuig dat die mens self daarvoor verantwoordelik is dat daar oorloë, depressies, hongersnood, droogtes. siektes en ellende op aarde is.

Hy het gesien dat God sy volmaakte Wetaan sy volk Israel gegee het, en aan hulle gesê het dat as hulle daarvolgens sou lewe, daar nie een van hierdie rampe sou wees nie; en ook dat Israel as God se Demonstrasie Volk op aarde is.  Dit was egter vir hom duidelik dat hierdie volk nie die Jood of die Kerk is of kan wees nie.  Mettertyd het hy tot sy groot blydskap ontdek dat die Angel-Saksies, Keltiese en Germaanse nasies inderdaad die nakomelinge van die Huis van Israel is.

By die Wederkoms van Christus (nou op hande) sal hierdie nasies tot ‘n ware wedergeboorte kom, met die Heilige Gees vervul word en met Jesus die Christus as hul Heer en Koning hierdie wêreld teruglei na volkome harmonie met God.

Met die oog daarop dat die Bybelse boodskap aangaande Israel uitgedra moet word aan al die nakomelinge van die Huis van Israel, het F.W.C. Neser die onderstaande werke tot stand gebring sodat ISRAEL KAN HOOR!

Daily Quotes

Joh 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.


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